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Engineering tools and accessories.
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Photos of Engineering tools

Product Overview

The engineering tools supplement the AMKASYN drive and control components.


The development platform CoDESys, which has been successfully tried and tested worldwide, makes programming in compliance with IEC 61131-3 simple and safe. All IEC 61131-3 based programming languages can be used. The visualization is already integrated as well.

AMK technology library

Preprogrammed function blocks are available. This greatly simplifies the control and commissioning of your machinery and equipment. The AMK technology library contains established PLC and motion control functions such as:


The user interface AIPEX was specially designed for the parameterization and start-up of intelligent servo inverters of the KE/KW series. Using a standard PC, AIPEX provides full access to all devices within a machine via the ACC-BUS master, even in the case of highly complex systems.

The I/O modules guarantee that your system remains flexible and expandable at all times, regardless of the amount of peripheral equipment installed.