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AMKASYN motor series DS/DV/DH

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Power: 0.2-50 HP
Torque: 2.6-2,100 in-lbs
The AMKASYN series of motors consists of compact, highly dynamic permanent - magnet synchronous servo motors, AC servo motors DV and the extremely sturdy AC main spindle motors DH with high power density and high vibrational quality.

Dynamic, compact, powerful, sturdy, maintenance-free. New manufacturing technologies, innovative automation systems and increased demands on plant reliability and precision determine the requirements on today's drive systems. Motors have high demands made on them with regard to load capacity, performance and dynamics.

The heavy-duty AMKASYN series motors fulfill these requirements completely. They have been designed specifically for high reliability, high dynamics, small dimensions and low moments of inertia as well as maximum freedom from maintenance.

Water-cooled DW/AC-Motors

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Power: 5-40HP Standard
Torque: 115 in-lbs - 1300 in-lbs Standard

Quiet running. These liquid-cooled, three-phase AC servo motors feature compact frame size at high power density!

SPINDASYN-Ballscrew Motors SK

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Power: 1-6 HP
Ball Screw Dia.: 3/4"-2"
The user is thus fully free in the selection of the ball screw. There are no restrictions in the design with regard to pitch, technical production quality, tolerance and fit.

SPINDASYN linear drives simplify the design of machine elements. These compact spindle-integrated drives have been developed especially for use in flexible automation.

SPINDASYN linear drives are hollow shaft motors which allow the integration of the nut into the motor. In a single unit they contain all components necessary for axial drives: servo motor, DIN-standard attachment for ball nut, optional locking brake and encoder feedback. SPINDASYN linear drives are manufactured in different sizes and are supplied preferably without ball nut and ball screw.

Custom-designed AC-Motors

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AMK has the resources and know-how for the development and production of custom-build motors: