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KE and KW servo inverters
Compact size delivers big performance

Picture of Servo motors DYNASYN

Product Overview

Picture of KE and KW Servo inverters

The KE/KW device series consists of power supply modules (KE) and servo inverters (KW) in the power range from 2 to 200 kVA.

For optimal energy management, the power supply modules are also available with regenerative feedback to the supply system – either square-wave or sine-wave power. Our AMKASYN servo converters are the most compact on the market.

As one of the leading manufacturers, AMK also offers Safe Torque Off (STO) functionality as a standard Functional Safety feature in servo converters. For realization of safe machine concepts, AMK offers drive-integrated safety functions that are TÜV-certified up to PL e (ISO 13849-1.2008) and SIL 3 (IEC 62061).

The controller platform of the KE/KW servo converter series, together with the latest processor technology, opens up entirely new possibilities for higher performance. The use of real-time Ethernet (RTE) via EtherCAT, Sercos III, or VARAN means that high-performance system communication is available for automation of machines.

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