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Multi-Axis Vector-controlled Inverters

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Product Overview

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AMKASYN the modular drive and control system Type AZ/AW offers a complete solution for all your drive applications. This compact system consists of a large number of digital inverter modules as well as AC servo and main spindle motors ranging from 1,3 to 50 kVA. On request PLC and CNC controller modules may be directly integrated into the drive system.

AMKASYN also supports interface field bus systems for a flexible, open network solution; Currently supporting: Profibus-DP Slave, Interbus-S, SERCOS, CAN and ARCNET.

AMKASYN is CSA-US approved, CE-conform. Due to the modular design of AMKASYN, various customized drive configurations can be constructed from standard components. The result is an optimally tuned drive and control system with all the advantages of digital control i.e. high accuracy, safe data transfer, extensive diagnostics and exact reproducibility. Flexibility, simple installation and fast start-up are the attributes which make AMKASYN a cost-effective system.

AMKASYN drives offer numerous standard functions in addition to its open system approach.

Application-specific system solutions are implemented without additional external control components. The optional plug-in PLC card(AZ-PS) includes integrated standard software modules for: